One Man Versus “The Problem”

I frequently see the Reagan quote “government is the problem.” I like a lot of Reagan quotes. However, this one’s a little too loose for me.

If I believe government is the problem, I then must believe that the solution lies in changing the government. I say that such a belief is akin to patching the roof of a house with a sand foundation. Do I think that the government could/should be changed for the better? Yes! Does that mean that government is THE problem? No!

What is the foundation of a society? People. What are materials which make up a people? Individuals. What must one do with materials to secure a foundation? Bind them.

So we are left with two options: (1) bind the people or (2) allow the people to bind. There is something inherently invalid with the first option. People are more than bricks. If a person does not want to bind, you cannot force them to! That is dictatorship. Of course, the second has its own problem. In a way, it is the same problem. However, what the second option allows for is the voluntary “evangelism,” if you will, of the message of voluntary nationalism. Sure, people can and will refuse. Thank God! Life is a struggle. There can be no success without struggle.

So, what’s the problem? We’ve nearly run out of cement (that is, the power and will to voluntarily come together as the people/foundation of this once-great nation)! I firmly believe that if we could approach this goal, the significance of the impact of politics and media would approach zero. Only then would truth become clearer. At that point, ideologies which fall along libertarian, conservative, or even anarchical lines would become more practical and even popular. Only then will people really begin to taste true freedom.

We must fix this world from its foundation up. People first, government last.

We are the problem. The solution lies with us.

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