One Man Versus The Great Commission

What do you think of when you hear the word “evangelism?” Do you think of the crazy white boy in his 20s trying to convert the world through a “turn or burn” message? Do you think of the teenage girl going on missions trips overseas? Do you think of Jesus freaks spreading the word through giant conventions?

I bet there’s one scenario that doesn’t immediately come to mind; the man who cuts his dinner short and misses his favorite show in favor of listening to a voice inside his head (heart) telling him to knock on his neighbor’s door to make sure everything’s alright.

Is that evangelism? Is that the great commission? Does that have any less value than the works of Billy Graham, Joyce Meyer, or even Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?

When you hear the word of God (whether via reading, praying, or through another person), believe and accept that word, and act accordingly; you are essentially acting as a physical manifestation of God! What could be of more worth?!

Remember this as you’re reading, eating, walking, sleeping, talking, driving, and whatever else you do throughout each today (especially today, especially right now). Maybe God wants you to stop, shut up, close your eyes and listen. Maybe He wants you to go pick flowers for your wife. Or maybe he wants you to keep doing exactly what you’re doing.



  1. Be either hot or cold. Either be a burning coal that burns those they come in contact with with conviction. Or be a cold drink of water that soothes and comforts those who are suffering (possibly because they came into contact with that burning coal). Those are your choices. Lukewarm is right out.


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