One Man Versus Self-Control

What is self-control but the individual’s decision to surrender his own perceived wants and needs for the wants and needs of some power that must exist on a level beyond our own perceptions?

Is it still self-control if it is the voluntary surrendering of one’s own will to that of another? Isn’t that just God-control of self? No. It is the willful submission to His will. What’s the key? Willful submission. What does it take to make a willful submission? You must take control of the wants/needs of your body/soul in favor of that greater will.

Ah, great! So, that means that I am in control of my own life! Yes! And no. That means that I am responsible for surrendering my will for my life to God’s will for my life. Meaning, if I choose not to, I will face the consequences of such a choice. Said consequences come not from God, but from the fruits of the thoughts and actions prompted by my prideful, selfish denial of the fact that God’s will is greater than mine.

On the other hand, if I choose to surrender to God’s will, all praise and glory and honor are His! Hey! That’s not fair!

Ah! But if I truly surrender to the will of God, and God now dwells within me, and I in Him, and I am now a breathing, walking, talking vessel for His will, what greater joy in life is there?! I am now responsible for allowing God’s righteous will to manifest on Earth! Yes! All praise and honor and glory ARE His! Who else but the Creator of all things!?

What a silly, selfish, foolish thing I am. Yet, He surrendered His self for me upon the cross.

All choices are mine. All responsibility is mine. I am accountable for my own thoughts and actions. Thank God, He can do some good through me. Why on earth do I still choose myself over Him? And I do it quite frequently! Alas, all praise and honor and glory are His.

Thank you, Lord, for caring for such a creature as myself. I love you.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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