What People?

by Christian Thomas Golden

A small government contained by a constitution created and maintained by the people is the only avenue to liberty and justice for all. For what is the containment of government but the protection of the people from a people. This is both protection from a big government and no government, for out of a society with no bounds will come a people with unbound power. Though not labeled government, I’m unsure of what else you would call a group of people exercising the power to direct others.

What a disastrous compromise we’ve made in trading places with the government. We are now a people maintained by the constitution for the protection of the government. In fact, I would go so far as to say we are not even a people. Rather, we are individuals disconnected from each other, dependent upon external forces. We are the means to whatever ends those in power wish to reach.

There is no hope in an American people. No wonder we are moving towards voluntary servitude not to/for each other, but to our king (not a man, but a force). This would be a great thing if it were toward a truly righteous, loving, omnipotent king. Sadly, it is anything but. Our king (as individuals living in America) is the self. Worse yet, we feed like gluttonous pigs upon the image of the self fed to us by those in power.

Those in power. What do I mean when I say “those in power?” Well, I mean those with the means to influence our daily lives (media, politicians, unions, and even friends and family [but who really cares what friends and family say when the experts clearly know what they are talking about]).

No, there is no hope in an American people. There is only hope in finding that righteous, loving, omnipotent king who does not exercise power over us, but empowers us with all He is in our own lives (that is, as a vessel through which he may also empower others). With this, we will have the strength and wisdom to endure and even overcome all that we face today, tomorrow, and all the days of the rest our lives.