A Prayer

Father, you will never leave me nor forsake me. I must take care to not leave you nor forsake you. I must not turn from you. Your love never fails, never gives up, never runs out on me! I must remind myself daily (even hourly) of your nature. I must be mindful of your will. Lord, show me how to live like you with your love, courage, strength, power, and confidence. Father, in all facets of my life I long to be a reflection of your love, mercy, and grace. Lord, empower me at work. I am called to be a representative of you wherever I go. You’ve called me to do all things as I would do them for you, for all I do I could not do if you had not enabled me to. I must now embrace your empowerment. Father God, rescue me from my fears. Rescue me from my cowardice. Deliver me of my childishness. You have called me to be a man of God. You have called me to be a Godly husband and father. You’ve blessed me with this job. I need your spirit to guide me, push me, pull me, and comfort me through these trials. You are with me, Lord. None can stand against me. Give me confidence, oh Lord. Give me strength. Give me courage. You are my confidence. You are my strength. You are my courage. I’m tired of being a child. I’m tired of being afraid. I’m tired of being faithless. I’m tired of being unsure. I’m tired of wanting everything to be easy. I want to rejoice in the trials I face. Help me get to that place, Lord. Your perfect love casts out fear. Your strength cannot fail. Your courage knows no bounds. Your confidence never waivers. Be my strength. Be my courage. Be my confidence. Be my comforter. Lord, you dwell within me. How, then, do I lack these things? Why do I lack these things? Father, show me why I have yet to embrace and walk in and with your confidence, courage, strength, power, and comfort. I feel as though I waiver between fear and laziness. Lord, deliver me from my sin. It is mastering me, but in and with you I must master it.


Thoughts? Feelings?

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