In His Image: A Boundless Creation

I believe in a God who is not bound by anyone, anywhere, at any time. What’s more: I believe in a God who created life as boundless as his own. This means that just as God wills his own bounds, he created man with the ability to be bound only as he so chooses. Yes, I believe we are only bound by that with which we bind ourselves.

But aren’t we bound by our environment? Aren’t we bound by our very nature? Aren’t we bound by our natural need to fulfill Maslow’s Hierarchy? Our need for food, shelter, belonging must act as external bounds on our free will, correct? We are bound by gravity, are we not? Well, this depends on how you define “bounds.” Yes, I know, that’s rather unfair isn’t it? Well, let’s see.

I would like to argue that boundaries are largely subjective. What one sees as a boundary, another might see as a conduit. What one sees as a boundary, another might see as armor. Let’s look at some solid examples.

Gravity: We experience gravity (that force which pulls us toward Earth). If I trip, I must struggle to keep from falling. If I relax my muscles, my body will approach the ground. Does gravity bind us? Well, if our eyes bind us to sight, yes gravity binds us to the ground. If our ears bind us to hearing, gravity binds us to the ground. No, I do not view gravity as a means of binding us. We are not bound by gravity. Gravity is a gift. Gravity is a manifestation of God’s care for His creation. If he somehow made all creation without what we’ve come to define as gravity, what a strange experience life would be (well, that’s a silly thing to say since we wouldn’t have experienced gravity – I hope you catch my drift).

What I’m getting at is this: we are only bound as we so choose in so far as we are only bound as we so perceive. A man in prison can perceive himself as being much more free (that is, less bound) than the man walking down the street.

We are only as free as we are not bound. Even the most righteous Christian who breaks no commandment and follows all rules, laws, and regulations can truthfully proclaim that he lives with no bounds. Not because he redefines the word “boundary” to fit his own needs, but rather he has redefined those objects which other men might perceive as binding. The 10 commandments do not bind, they give life. The golden rule does not bind, it blesses. So on and so forth.

I will go on no further but to say that I welcome questions and criticisms as I’m unsure as to how well I’ve articulated my thoughts.

Thanks again for sacrificing your time for my thoughts.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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