by Christian Thomas Golden

Trust the people or trust the government? First, are those two options mutually exclusive? Yes. Some might say that trusting in a democratic government is trusting in the people. This is not so. The government is at best representative of the people, at worst genocidal. Trusting in the representation of someone is not the same as trusting in that person (just as trusting in a painting of Jesus is not the same as trusting Jesus, nor is trusting in me the same as trusting in my father). The dichotomy of trusting in either the government or the people is true.

But, what is government? What is people? Government can and does take many forms (sometimes many at once). Though this is common knowledge, my understanding is still too simple for me to divulge upon this matter to my satisfaction. Suffice it to say that, for the purposes of this blog, government means an entity endowed with power to define and enforce structure. Entity: could be a person, group of people, a written code, or even non-tangible. Endowed with power: meaning, given power, thus implying that (1) the power came/comes from without, (2) that outside power must either share or relinquish the power to the entity, and (3) the entity must accept that power. To define structure: the ability to explicitly determine societal boundaries (in accordance with the endowed power). To enforce structure: to somehow uphold the structure previously defined (in accordance with the endowed power).

Now, I argue my case for what I believe to be the one true way to living free on Earth. What good is the argument if we differ on our definition of freedom? So, how do i define freedom and why do I bother thinking of ways to experience it to its purest end? Is/should freedom be desirable?

Well, what is not freedom? Imprisonment. What is imprisonment? The restriction of one’s ability to move, act, dress, speak, eat, drink, and sleep as they please. So, what is freedom? The ability to move, act, dress, speak, eat, drink, and sleep as one pleases. What are the possible negative results of freedom? Mistakes, greed, crime, discrimination, self-harm, and chaos. I will not go on to list positive results of freedom except to say that one’s ability to choose as he pleases is a positive itself.