Binary Curious (I Couldn’t Resist)

People often speak in absolutes, irrespective of relativity. Surely, I believe in a static dimension in which a “1” is a “1” and a “0” a “0.” However, when it comes to the human condition (that is, man’s primary experience), there is no “1” or “0.” Rather, man’s thoughts, feelings, words, perceptions, and actions approach either “1” or “0,” irrespective of his perspective on “1” and “0” (or if he even has any knowledge that “1” and “0” exist).

In order for “1” and “0” to exist, “1” must be “1” and “0” must be “0,” irrespective of that which exists outside or within “1” or “0.” I am not my house. Nor is my house myself. Nor is my house the sky (nor the sky my house, unless I actually live outside). However, that does not effect the state of my house nor the state of myself. Though I might view the sky as my house if I live outside, that does not mean that I have changed the matrix of the sky.

I’m venturing into philosophical grounds in which I am not trained. As such, I will leave it at this in the hopes that it provokes thought.



  1. I’m trying to think. It’s going to take a minute to process this.

    Are you saying that everything exists regardless of perception, but to each individual perception is reality?

    That’s how I think things are. Absoluteness exists, as far as matter, but we as people can’t always identify what is absolute, though sometimes we think we have. I know I don’t know a lot, and what I think I do know might not be absolute outside of my own perception.


  2. In a sense, that is what I am saying. However, I don’t limit this to matter (in fact, matter may not even be absolute). I believe there is an absolute that exists beyond our perceptions (even tangible perceptions – senses). The dichotomy of matter and not-matter is a man made perception in and of itself based upon the limits of what man can perceive. I believe there must be a single absolute outside of and within all that we perceive. I believe that in each thing we perceive (tangible and intangible) there is an absolute base.


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