The Preservation of Mankind

by Christian Thomas Golden

It is not the place of any man or man-made entity to determine the rights of any other man or man-made entity. Rather, it is the responsibility of man to preserve man. Thus, any attempt at compromising the preservation of man is an unjust act requiring the opposite action: justice. If a man tries to compromise another man’s well being, via an attack on his self or his property, the victim shall receive assurance that his life and property (the preservation of his life) be protected. No man has the right to infringe upon the rights of another. When this is violated, justice must come to the aid of the violated, not the violator.

Life is living. Living is choosing. Choosing requires freedom. Freedom is power. To preserve life is to preserve power. To preserve power is to preserve freedom. To preserve freedom is to preserve life.

To compromise freedom is to compromise life.