The Preservation of Mankind

It is not the place of any man or man-made entity to determine the rights of any other man or man-made entity. Rather, it is the responsibility of man to preserve man. Thus, any attempt at compromising the preservation of man is an unjust act requiring the opposite action: justice. If a man tries to compromise another man’s well being, via an attack on his self or his property, the victim shall receive assurance that his life and property (the preservation of his life) be protected. No man has the right to infringe upon the rights of another. When this is violated, justice must come to the aid of the violated, not the violator.

Life is living. Living is choosing. Choosing requires freedom. Freedom is power. To preserve life is to preserve power. To preserve power is to preserve freedom. To preserve freedom is to preserve life.

To compromise freedom is to compromise life.


  1. This is what an ideal world would be like. Sadly, we are all given free will by our creator, or evolution, and can do as we please. I once read a quote, but I can’t remember who said it, it said “All humans have the capability to do good or evil, the only difference between Jeffery Dahmer and Ghandi is choice.” I’m not sure if I would want to live in a world where everyone was perfectly respectful to each other, then there would be no place for people who want to help the disrespected like myself.


  2. You are right. That is what makes beauty – beauty, peace – peace, good – good, freedom – freedom, etc. Life is choice and choice is conflict. Without conflict, there is no choice. Without choice there is no living, but that of a robot. As for me, I’d rather have the ability to screw up or get it right. There is no value in right if there’s no possibility of wrong.


    1. I agree on the importance of opposition in all things. A lot of that opposition that helps us learn happens naturally through weather, accident, sickness and disease. I think all people could behave kindly towards one another without losing our opportunity to offer charity and service to one another and to experience the type of learning that makes life so valuable. Even if all people treated each other with love there would still be raising children, caring for the sick and injured, and providing for the elderly. We wouldn’t lose anything if people behaved lovingly.


      1. Exactly. There appears to be a movement towards eliminating as much conflict as possible. While on the surface this may seem like a sort of Utopian ideal, when there is no conflict to overcome, there can be no rejoicing in victory. There can be no maturation because there would be no motivation for maturation. In fact, I’m not sure if there would be any motivation for anything. We would all be no better off than a rock in a stream.


      2. That’s exactly it! Without opposition, we have no will, without will we are just things to be acted upon rather than actors for ourselves. Rocks are acted upon, people are actors.


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