One Man Versus the Traditional Family

by Christian Thomas Golden

Having worked at a juvenile corrections facility for over 6 months now, I’ve come to a greater awareness of the decline of the traditional family and traditional roles within the family unit. Before I get started, please hear my disclaimer: I do not believe that all non-traditional families fail without exception. I do believe that the traditional family, more likely than not, is more conducive to successful relationships and child-rearing.

A vast majority (forgive me for not stating exact statistics [that is an oxymoron, by the way]) of the population in juvenile correctional facilities are males in single mother (or aunt,  or grandmother) homes. I’m not going to delve into the specifics as to how the lack of a strong positive male influence is detrimental to their upbringing. Instead, as this is Mother’s Day (in the United States of America), I am going to flesh out how this is a two-fold problem.

These children lack a strong positive male influence: a role that the present model (mom, aunt, grandma) must try to fill. This is admirable. This takes strength.

This takes away from the essential role the mother plays in a child’s upbringing.

Not only does the mother have to step up to fill that missing father role, in doing so she must sacrifice portions of her mothering skill. An object cannot be in two different places at the same time. It is inevitable that to make time, one must sacrifice.

Happy Mother’s day to all the struggling single mothers. I recognize the challenge in front of you and hope for God’s blessings, love, comfort, and support in your lives. Thank you for doing the best that you can.