Concepts in Criminal Justice

by Christian Thomas Golden

In response to this weeks “weekly writing challenge,” I’ve decided to create a post probing crime and justice. Having been (and continue to be via work and life experience) a student of criminal justice, I am naturally intrigued by all theories related to concepts within criminal justice. 

This week (for I’d like to make this a weekly topic) I’d like to read your definitions of crime and justice. As such, I’ve included a custom form for this post in which I am asking for (1) your definition of crime and (2) your definition of justice. Feel free to conjure up your own definition or adapt someone else’s (whether it be Webster’s or any other reference). 

I will value every response regardless of background, training, experience, etc. I greatly appreciate any and all responses. Thank you for sacrificing your time to respond. In turn, I will sacrifice my own time to give each and every response a response of my own. Furthermore, if you are so inclined to respond, I will look at your blog and be sure to read and respond to your posts as well. Again, thank you for your time. Positive, constructive interpersonal communication is very hard to come by. I’m very blessed by the community here at WordPress. God bless.