Memories and Legacy

Until about 5 minutes ago I had no plan to write a post related to today’s daily prompt (Memories For Sale).

Earlier today I drove out to Norrie Point, a local nature park on the Hudson River. I drove out there to write. Oftentimes I find that a little change in scenery can cure writer’s block (among other things). Since I was locked behind a razor wire fence all day at work (I work at a youth detention facility), and since today was a particularly beautiful day in upstate New York, I longed for some relaxation out by the river.

As I sat at a picnic table overlooking the Hudson I immediately felt compelled to write.

But not for you.

Sorry, but a friend and I have been writing back and forth for (I believe) nearly 6 months. Our intellectual relationship began some time ago whenever we would see each other at weddings and other social events. We would speak of philosophy, religion, and politics. I believe we actually disagree fundamentally on all of those subjects, yet we are completely respectful toward each other and look forward to such conversations. As such, we decided that (perhaps from some hipster mentality) we should write each other hand written letters by snail mail.

That is why I cannot share the contents of the letter. It would ruin the whole game, you see.

Anyways, I strongly believe that one day we (my friend and I) will look back at these letters with great enjoyment (if not a little embarrassment).

Of course, there is that part of me that holds to a fantasy that we might both be well-known writers some day. In that sense, such memories would, in fact, be for sale!

As such, I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you for your time.

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