One Man Versus Humility

I am struggling with something (big surprise). How do we reconcile humility with courage, confidence, strength, and power? God’s will is for us to be courageous, confident, strong, and powerful. Yet, we must do this with humility. It’s not enough to be strong and powerful. We must be confident in and courageous with said strength and power, all the while maintaining humility.

Okay, let’s step back for a moment. I need to regroup. Alright, let’s define the variables at hand.







  1. Just … Let Him. That’s how I do it. In each moment I must be these things … I Let Him. Maybe He blessed me with “getting that”. I am pretty confident He will give that to everyone. I asked. Because I remember … every day… We have not because we ask not. Blessings, Christian. 🙂


  2. Humility – Recognition of taking action or reacting only under the authority to do so. Actions not motivated by one’s regular/natural compulsions to exercise a certain behavior or skill, but to act/react in a way that is needful or helpful in the moment or situation.

    Confidence – Sober assessment of one’s abilities to successfully react/perform in a given situation.

    Strength – An ability that one finds themself using/exercising unprovoked by any external factor.

    Power – The ability to maintain perseverance in what is usually perceived as a difficult or distressing situation.

    Courage – The ability to approach a situation/task that needs to be attempted even when one recognizes their lack of ability to normally achieve/perform in such situations.


    1. Thank you, cuckoo, for the substantive definitions. I’m on a train to NYC at the moment, but will continue to re-read your definitions and how they might compare/contrast with my own. I will compile all suggested definitions and how they can be reconciled in a follow up post within the next 24-48 hours. Thanks again for your substantive input.


  3. I think the conflict stems from a misunderstanding of the word humble. The world views humility as weakness, but God views it as strength. For instance, the Bible says that “…Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth.” (Numbers 12:3), but he was also strong, powerful and courageous. He wasn’t confident at first, but, for believers, our confidence is placed in God, not in ourselves; I think this is what God views as humility – trusting His ways and His word over our own.


    1. I believe that’s exactly where the conflict comes from. Once we’ve really gotten the essence of what biblical humility is, we then see that it is not in contrast to biblical courage, strength, power, and confidence.


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