Eternity in the Heart

Below is a snapshot of my initial draw to something spiritual before I accepted Jesus’ amazing grace, mercy, and love to save me from wandering aimlessly in the dark for all eternity. Thank God the truth is much more comforting than the speculation!


Sometimes I think I’m living in some sort of simulation. Do you ever wonder if this is all just some sort of test? When I stubbed my toe on my way from the microwave to the couch, did some being somewhere mark off some check on some form? Is this a pass-or-fail test or is it some sort of assessment as to where I belong on some scale?

Really?! You’ve never felt that someone or something is watching you each moment of each day?

Okay. How about this: Have you ever felt that you were destined to change the world? Have you ever felt that you’re supposed to be doing something far greater than clipping your toenails? Have you ever felt that you’re somehow out of place and time?

I know I’m not alone!

Have you ever felt that there’s some great thing about (meaning all around) us? Something beyond our limited ability to perceive? Even more: haven’t you ever thought that there must be some great thing compelling you to connect with it? You don’t feel that pull? You don’t feel that push? You don’t hear that whisper?

I know I’m not crazy!

Thoughts? Feelings?

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