Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

When you choose to allow fear to influence your thoughts, you (1) corrupt yesterday, (2) kill today, and (3) curse tomorrow.

When you choose to allow love to influence your thoughts, you (1) learn from yesterday, (2) overcome today, and (3) prepare for tomorrow.

How does fear corrupt yesterday? Fear distorts. Fear says, “I’ve always failed before, so I’m always going to fail.” Fear says, “They said they love me, but now that I look back, I’m not so sure.” Fear says, “I’ve never succeeded at anything.” Fear says, “I’ve wasted too much time.” These are all distorted thoughts. They are all amplified versions of the true yesterday.

How does fear kill today? Fear paralyzes. Fear causes insecurities. Fear causes stagnation. Fear says, “why should I try?” Fear says, “I cannot do this.” Fear says, “this is going to be too hard for me.” Fear says, “let someone else do it.”

How does fear curse tomorrow? Fear takes what it’s done to yesterday and today, and projects it onto the future.

Fear says “I’ve always failed, I’d fail right now if I tried, and I’ll fail tomorrow.”

How does love learn from yesterday? Love edifies. That is, love has the patience and understanding to take what you’ve failed (or succeeded) at and shows you how you can do better.

How does love overcome today? Love says, “this isn’t about you.” Love says, “do the best you can do in all that you do, and you have overcome yourself.” Love says, “only you can kill yourself.” Love says, “walk with confidence, courage, passions, patience, understanding, and peace and you’ve already overcome that which opposes.”

How does love prepare for tomorrow? Love takes what you’ve learned from yesterday, along with today’s victory, and builds you weapons and armor to overcome tomorrow.

All you have to do is put on your armor and pick up your weapons.


Thoughts? Feelings?

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