The Freedom of Selflessness

by Christian Thomas Golden

Selfishness leads to slavery; selflessness leads to freedom.

Selfishness is slavery; selflessness is freedom.

To be selfish is to be self-serving. In other words, a selfish person is one who’s thoughts and actions tend to be primarily about pleasing himself. This greatly limits that person’s options when it comes time for decision making. If he is so driven to serve himself, he will not consider any options which do not appear to be able to fulfill his self-serving desire. He is, thereby, enslaved by his very desire to serve himself. Though the restriction on his freedom is self-imposed, it is slavery nonetheless.

To be selfless is to think and act regardless of self. Do not make the mistake of thinking that to be selfless means to act contrary to your self. “Contrary” and “Regardless” are not synonyms. A selfless person may very well think and act in a manner that is pleasing to himself. The point is, the thought or action was motivated regardless of the impact on self. By thinking and acting regardless of self, one is free to choose from all options.

He is completely free who is able to consider all options, and choose regardless of external influence.

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