Life, Love, Power, and Freedom

by Christian Thomas Golden

Life, Love, Power, and Freedom.

As one increases, so do the rest. As one decreases, so do the rest.

Life is movement. Life is the ability to cause an effect.

To love is to prioritize. To love is to choose. To love is to make a decision. To love is to cause an effect.

Power is the ability to cause an effect.

Freedom is the ability to choose. Freedom is the ability to cause an effect.

The bottom line of life, love, power, and freedom is the ability to cause an effect. What differentiates each from the other is their relation to that cause and effect. With life, the focus is on movement. With love, the focus is on prioritizing. With power, the focus is in the intensity. With freedom, the focus is in the willfulness.

Thus, we have this: as life decreases, movement decreases; as love decreases, priorities decrease; as power decreases, intensity decreases; and as freedom decreases, will decreases.

Food for thought: all day long you are causing effects. What effects have you caused? What effects are you causing? What effects would you like to cause? Can you relate these cause-and-effects to life, love, power, and freedom? What does this imply? Are there some changes you’d like to make? What can you do to approach your ideal effects to be caused?