One Man Versus Hate

Am I wrong in thinking that most people probably view “hate” and “love” as antonyms? I’d like to propose that they are much more synonymous than we might usually think.

What does it mean to hate? If to love is to prioritize, what does that make hate? Does hating something mean to de-prioritize it? Generally, to hate something is to intentionally create distance between yourself and that thing.

To prioritize something (by this I mean to make something a high priority) one naturally brings himself closer to that thing. Naturally, without exception, this results in some other thing being less of a priority. We end up with a list of things we love, from “love the most” to “love the least.”

As darkness is the absence of light, isn’t hate simply the absence of love? You can very well passionately place a thing at the bottom of your priority list. That is hate. In that sense, hate is the antonym for love (or at least very close to it). Hate and love are synonymous, however, in the way that they both (at the core) are words for prioritizing. To hate is to place a thing very near the bottom, while to love is place it nearer the top of your priority spectrum.

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