Good & Evil

It is wrong to say that an evil man is a man without love, or that an evil man cannot love. On the contrary, evil men love passionately! That is how you know they are evil! Their actions are the fruit of their thoughts. Their thoughts are in response to conflicts.

Some of us experience road rage. When the driver in front of us is driving slower than we’d like, we begin to get tense. Our shoulders rise, we lean in closer to the steering wheel, we wave our hands – pleading to nothing in particular that the driver would either speed up or pull over. Eventually, we even curse the driver, drive dangerously close behind him, and begin slapping the steering wheel with our sweaty palms.

Now’s the moment.

A thought enters my mind: I wish I could just ram this damn car off the road!

Then something happens.

A decision must be made. Do I actually ram the car off the road? Do I continue to drive dangerously close? Do I continue to slap the steering wheel, curse the driver, sweat, wince, grunt, moan, and wave my hands?

Do I back off? Do I take a deep breath (or two or three or ten)? Does some voice inside me tell me to calm down and control myself? Do I remember that there would be some potentially serious negative consequences if I should ram that car?

Do I remember that there is a person in that car?

Now, a decision must be made. What is motivating my decision? What effect am I purposing to cause by making that decision.

Therein lies my heart. That is an act of love. Whether good or bad – whatever I decide – it is an act of love.

Do I love myself? Do I love money? Do I love fame? Do I love power? Do I love strength? Do I love sex? Do I love drugs? Do I love comfort? Do I love respect? Do I love God? Do I love sleep?

What do I love? What are my priorities? What purpose am I trying to fulfill in each decision-making moment?

Now, of course, there are different kinds of love. Speaking generally, however (as most people do when they speak of love), to love is to prioritize. To love one thing does not mean you cannot love another, it just means that – in that decision-making moment – that one thing is the most important of your priorities.

What you love is evident in every decision you make, right and wrong.

Good and Evil.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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