One Man Versus Self-Evaluation

I could very well make a decision contrary to my preferences. How so? How could I make decision without that decision being a reflection of my preferences? For even if I were to decide to do a thing solely because it is the will of God, is that not still a reflection of my preferences? Even if I were to decide to do a thing in spite of my preferences, just to show the world that I can make a decision in spite of my preferences, doesn’t that show a preference to prove the world wrong?

No, I cannot make a decision contrary to my preferences. Even if I only make a decision because a gun is pointed at my head, I’m still proclaiming a preference to keep (or throw away) my life. Each of our actions is representative of our preferences. To type this post, I am proclaiming my preference to write rather than eat lunch. At this point in time, this post is a high priority (otherwise, I would not be doing it).

Oh, but I’m a procrastinator. Sometimes I just sit at home and don’t do a thing. What preference is there in that?

By refusing to choose to do a thing (other than sit there), you are proclaiming your preference to not choose (even though you have in fact chosen not to choose – sounds silly, but true).

No matter what, right now, you are loving what you’re doing. Even if you’re miserable at work, you’re there. Maybe you’re only there to make money. Okay, so you are loving the fact that you are making money (miserable as you are along the way). Don’t get me wrong; I am not condemning you in the sort of “love of money is the root of all evil” kind of way. Nor am I saying that you’re wrong at all for loving what you are doing. I’m simply stating a fact: you’ve chosen to continue working where you work because you need the money to support your family. Nothing wrong with that. Whether or not you “feel” love for your job, it is a high priority. It may only be a priority because it allows you to maintain that which you “feel” love for (your family), you are still exercising a portion of love for that job since you could very well choose to do otherwise (though it may be detrimental to your family).

You may not love the job itself, but the act of working in order to provide for yourself and your family is a great priority. Thus, you are loving what you are doing (even if it doesn’t feel like it).

When I choose to work out, even though I hate the pain and time that are required, I am exercising love for working out. It is an uncomfortable means to the ultimate end of being in shape.

When a person decides to exercise and eat right in order to lose weight, they are exercising their love for appropriate weight loss as opposed to anorexia, bulimia, or any other unhealthy medium for weight loss.

All choices indicate preference (otherwise they would not be chosen). Even a choice made out of the most negative of motivations is a reflection of preference.

A preferred thing is a prioritized thing is a loved thing.

What do I prefer? What are my priorities? Where am I investing my love? What/Who is my primary love behind which all other priorities follow?


  1. great insight. we are designed to find the fastest path to comfort. everything is a choice, even if it’s the lesser of two evils, we still prefer the lesser….great stuff!


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