The Beauty of Things as They Are

by Christian Thomas Golden

I find myself thinking, “Man, I love this sandwich! You know what would make it even better? _____.” Why? I do this with all things (food, weather, music, movies, books, PEOPLE). Why? Why can’t I simply shut myself up and appreciate the beauty of things as they are?

Then again, why should I care?

Should I care?

When I sit in my favorite chair, I think “if only it were two inches higher.”

Oh, shut up! Just sit in your chair and enjoy it! It’s your favorite chair! The whole reason you sat in the thing is to enjoy its comfort (and maybe read a book).

Now, that is not to say that I should never evaluate anything. Of course, a thing can always be better than it is (especially from man’s perception). However, does that mean that our relation to that thing should always been in our evaluation of it?

Or, put it this way: Can I ever enjoy anything if all my days I judge it for not meeting my definition of its perfect state?

I suppose this may just be another way of warning against falling into the old “grass is greener” ditch.

Either way, can’t I just take a deep breath, close my eyes, and enjoy life as it stands?