Justice, Supply and Demand, Utility, and Other Things

by Christian Thomas Golden

I live with a tribe in a remote location. A neighboring tribe just attacked my tribe, burning down our huts and killing several members. The rest of us are left to figure out how to survive. We need food, so we hunt and gather. We need to repopulate, so we procreate. We need shelter, so we get to work. We need to try and make sure (to the best of our ability) that we either (1) do not get attacked again, or (2) repel the attack as successfully as possible – so we develop weapons, strategies, and skills to help us in repelling any future attack (or to help us seek vengeance).


A 17 year old young man was just admitted to a juvenile detention center for assaulting a 14 year old girl 7 months ago. Since the rape, the young man has robbed several more people, been rearrested for theft, robbery, burglary, assault, and violation of probation. He will be serving a minimum of 6 months in this detention center, wherein he will take part in voluntary individual and group counseling for approximately 3 hours per week. He will then return home to continue receiving counseling approximately 1 hour per week. Next year he will be admitted back to the detention center for one of his other charges for another 6 months.

I just received notice that my paycheck has been direct deposited into my checking account. This check covers the time period of two weeks from four weeks ago.

I am eating raspberries from California. I live in upstate New York.


Infer. Deduce.