There is no Known

Everything is unknown, for even what is thought to be known is merely a conglomerate of infinite unknowns.


  1. Do you believe that we truly know anything, then? I’ve been wondering recently: why is it that we’re able to accept something to be “knowledge” so easily? Once we “know” something, can that knowledge be, well, discarded then? I think it’d be interesting to think about, considering how you claim that “everything is unknown”


    1. I believe we come to believe we know things based upon what we are able to perceive. When many of us appear to perceive the same thing, we consider it fact or knowledge. I suppose based upon certain definitions of knowledge, knowledge is obtainable. Then again, knowledge of what?


      1. I guess it can be knowledge of virtually anything: science, history, pop culture, gossip…you name it. I just often wonder: on what grounds can we justify the “authority” of which the knowledge is based on? That is, just because someone says that 1 + 1 = 2, how do we know? What does it mean for 1 to be 1, let alone 1 + 1 to be 2 and not 3? Also, just because we perceive something, does it necessarily mean that we know it? How do we know if our senses are not fallible? Maybe obtaining knowledge is one thing and, of course, it seems like the easiest thing to do in the world (you just see something and bam, we know it exists), but does it mean it’s true?
        (Bear in mind that I’m just throwing out some thoughts that came rushing to me, haha…)


      2. I know what you mean. It’s funny, but all of this nothingness is, four the most part, extendedly comforting for me. It serves to reinforce my spiritual faith. I believe there must be a true existence (a truth, if you will) beyond the constructs of our perception.


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