One Man’s Matrix

When I ask, “What is that made of?” to the point at which there is no known answer, I do not want to hear/read something to the effect of “nothing significant,” for if it weren’t for the particles within that smallest thing, that smallest thing would not be. Further, if it weren’t for the smallest members of all things, nothing would be – for all things would ultimately be made of nothing. Ah, but perhaps that is not too far from true! Well, perhaps this is all one big nothing! Hey, if that’s the case, I shall go ahead and take my nothingness and relate to all other nothingness in the manner which seems fit. Since I hold to the faith in true existence beyond this nothingness, I shall act according to that faith. I believe there is truth from which this life is but a shadow. That truth, by its nature, must be intangible, unidentifiable, and incomprehensible to our current nature (our current ability to perceive and interact with what we perceive and interact with), for the moment we discover it within our nature, it should fall to the fate of all else we know – nothingness.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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