Forever Young, Forever Old

Here is a bizarre thought:

What if we are all God’s experiences in relation to time and space? What if everything we’ve ever done, are doing, and will ever do we have always done, are always doing, and always will do? What if Christ has come back, is back, and always will be coming back for us?

In other words, what if we who are saved had always experienced salvation, are always experiencing salvation, and will always experience salvation?

In some more words, what if we were always one with God, are currently one with God, and always will be one with God?

No – not what if. How? How are we all so young and old as to be beyond counting? Ugh, I cannot go on without becoming further confusing, yet more sure of the infinite complex simplicity of – nothing and everything.


  1. The fact that you have meditated on our relationship with God is not confusing at all. Actually it is much appreciated. Thanks again for the comment on my blog. I see we have the same taste as for the blog theme. I like simplicity as well


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