Science Versus Spirituality: a Matter of Jurisdictions

by Christian Thomas Golden

When proclaiming biblical truth, please do not use scientific arguments against unbelieving scientists. If one were to prove that the bible does not claim that the world is flat, then fine – that’s one variable aligning biblical truth with scientific; it does not necessarily then follow that the unbelieving scientist is now willing to place faith in the God who is Love. If we were to prove with science that the world is really not billions of years old, thus (supposedly) aligning scientific thought with the biblical, that is no guarantee of the salvation of scientists (or of science as a whole). Science is like clothing, food, rocks, smiles, sickness, and music – it is a part of this world, useful for our current experience. A Christian should not rely on any part of this world as proof of the world unseen, for while a flower may illuminate God’s greatness to a believer, it is only evidence of itself for those who have yet to accept God’s embrace.