A Tremendous Blessing

To think that I’d be where I am today…

The series of events which precede this present moment…

I look back and see a purposely intricate web of events, willfully and delicately arranged by a loving Creator. I cannot see it any other way. Through pain and joy I’ve come to where I am. There is no magic sequence of words to employ that would convince those in doubt. I once would say that this is an unfortunate truth, but I now recognize that that is akin to saying that my will is greater than God’s. Moreover, that would be dismissing the power of the purpose in the doubts of the doubters. This very stage in their lives, it is necessary. What revelation would there be if not first for doubt? What joy would there be without pain? What salvation without peril? What healing without sickness? What great God without opposition?

No, it’s not so mysterious that I came through turmoil into great joy. It is, however, a tremendous blessing from a source of unfathomable love.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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