Obama, Gaza, Reddit, Facebook, and the iPhone 5S

I blew my nose this morning. I also took a shower and got dressed. My wife is beautiful and pregnant with out first child. I’m currently hungry because I forgot to bring lunch.

What’s more important?

I mean, how can I be so self-centered as to blow my nose when people in Gaza are dying…and also likely to be blowing their noses. How can I take a shower and get dressed when people on reddit are posting about starving children in Africa? Why do I get to have a beautiful wife and daughter when, according to some news app on my friend’s iPhone 5S, there are so many widowers and orphans? How can I say I’m hungry when we have Obama as president? Also, Facebook.

Okay, to get serious…

A few years ago my wife and I, for various reasons, ditched cable. There are very brief moments that I miss it. VERY brief. Then I remember all the damn news channels, commercials, reruns, and subliminal (and not so subliminal) garbage.

I have my comforts. I have my blessings. I enjoy them as frequently as possible. I laugh at things I shouldn’t laugh at. Sometimes I cry over trivial matters. I get extremely angry when I come across seemingly incompetent drivers. I whine if I don’t get coffee. I make excuses. I lie. I complain.

Yet my thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, and actions are no less valid than those in poverty. No more valid than those in the highest places. No less or more valid than any thoughts, feelings, emotions, words, and actions of any man who ever was, is, or will be.

As a grain of sand, strand of hair, or star in the sky, we are all equally meaningless, necessary, beautiful, disgusting, loving, despicable, terrible, terrific, dirty, clean, righteous, and unrighteous.

Only a being beyond all comprehension could truly be beyond all reproach. As soon as a thing may be defined as man so chooses, that thing becomes not man, but even lower than man. We must recognize that we are all infinitely more and less than we perceive. Accordingly, we must concede to the truth that truth is beyond out grasp.

There will always be suffering as long as man is. That is the nature of man.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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