Unexpected Blessings

With each year that passes I think, “Well, that was unexpected!”

This year is turning out to be no exception. Working two full-time jobs, have my first child on the way, and bought a house! During a time when so many people are struggling, starving, fighting, etc., I can’t help but be amazed and thankful every day. My God, my family, and my friends have been unwavering.

What’s more? Those who’ve known me from my childhood are amazed at my peace, patience, and energy. I was a bit of a lazy, angry, and impulsive child. The old me would never have been in the position to receive the blessings I’ve received these past 190 days.

Has this year turned out as I expected? Not one bit! Then again, every year is full of surprises.



  1. Hello there! I’m BasicallyBeyondBasic, the blogger who came up with today’s daily prompt. So interesting that 2014 hasn’t turned out like what you expected. Many people felt it WAS predictable so your post took a unique stance. Good read!


  2. Every year will be full of surprises. You do have a lot going on! Two full time jobs sounds tough. Baby on the way sounds great. The first time the baby is able to actually say, “I love you” will be a banner day. 🙂


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