One Man Versus Bullying

To deconstruct the bully’s decision to bully, let’s look at the elements of any decision.

1. Recognition of Now (I’m sitting at the computer, typing this post).

2. Awareness of Other (I could stop typing this post).

3.Evaluation/Comparison of Now & Other (Calculating which one to do).

4.Conclusion (I will keep on typing).

We see above that a choice is made upon the conclusion of evaluation. We are concerned with the process whereby the decision to bully is the conclusion of the evaluation.

What about the bully’s Recognition of Now, Awareness of Other, and Evaluation leads them to conclude that bullying is the proper outcome?

This is not meant to excuse bullying. Rather, it is meant as a prompt for us to explore the pathways leading to an act of bullying. The better we understand this, the more equipped we may be as a society in preventing and responding to bullying. Let’s begin with analyzing all the elements of bullying, discern which ones are alterable/preventable, and react accordingly. This includes factors internal and external to the bully and victim.


  1. Thanks for writing this; I was a victim of bullying, but I should say that it’s posts like these that make me pity myself less for what has happened — perhaps the impact, or at least the understanding, will be the same for other victims


    1. I’m glad the post had a positive impact. I was a victim of bullying, myself. Through various experiences I’ve begun to empathize with bullies. I don’t approve of bullying by any means, but I recognize that every person finds some sort of utility in all their actions.


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