Be Still

10156016_462762660534028_6938677529140500314_nCunning, cold deceiver
slithering beneath the smoke.
I look and find only
a reflection of myself.

Skin is slipping, dripping down
puddles of Caucasian cream follow
as I run through a maze of mirrors
horrified, disgusted, vomiting in circles,
slipping, falling, rolling, crawling
on my hands and knees.

Who turned on the lights?

Alone in a white room, I stand naked
knees shaking, palms sweat-soaked
as a soft voice whispers
“Be still and know that I am God.”


  1. Sometimes distress…no, oftentimes distress is necessary. It’s the pain in the process of strengthening. Just as we experience pain in the process of training our physical bodies, we experience pain in all other areas of training.

    That being said, blogging can be a great way of pulling out of yourself thoughts and feelings you might not otherwise have realized were present. At least time them out for your own record. If you feel like, you may then post what you’ve written.


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