A Fisher of Men


“I will make you a fisher of men.”

They sat and waited, patiently,
quietly wondering if there’d ever be a bite.

A bite!

The young man reeled too quickly.

For hours, it seemed, they would cast and reel in,
never once catching a fish.
When sunset was near,
they succumbed to their fears
and began to pack in for the night.

One of the men
said “Let’s try once again.”
So they cast out the last of their bait.

Not long did they wait
before filling their crate
with a fish never once before seen.
For it was a king fish,
known and respected
by all other fish in the sea.

Not before long
were they taken aback
by events, never once before told.
A fish multitude
jumped and flopped in the boat
that was once nothing much to behold.

“Without me, nothing was made that has been made.”



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