One Man’s Writer’s Block

After a few weeks of consistently being ahead of the game by at least three days, I’ve come to a stand still on a couple of my blogs. I’m still ahead on this blog and The Diary of a Forgetful Time Traveler, but today’s posts are the last I currently have scheduled on Songs for Lilly and Songs for Sarah.

So, what will I do to overcome this?

Mostly, I will take advantage of any down time at work to do a few stream-of-consciousness exercises, word associations, and [MOST IMPORTANTLY] read.

Well, since I have nothing left to write at this moment, I’m off to read!


    1. Thank you. The prompt was so timely! I hadn’t had writer’s block for some time now, then it hit me today of all days!


  1. Happy reading. Thanks for the visit & LIKE; I hope some of the responses to today’s prompt will give you ideas galore. And the Psalms are always a great inspiration.
    I actually find the opening verses of Genesis One inspirational. We often need to go back to “In the beginning…” 🙂


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