Lightning Strikes the Same Place Twice!

A quick search of Google found,
lightning does indeed strike the same place twice!

But how can that be proven?

The last time I checked, it was still a mystery,
the discovery and definition of any one thing.

What is distance, light, and sound?
How can we know that a thing has been found?
Where is the threshold between square and round?
When was the transition from then to now?

Can you tell me?


Tell me again how you’re right and I’m wrong.


  1. All truth is found in patterns that repeat. Even though truth is often subjective relative to the individual, if they observe and then question all that they see, they will find the truth in all things.


  2. Yes. Unfortunately, many (if not most) of us prematurely assume we’ve found truth. We often accept the first, most convenient answer, neglecting the deeper truth.


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