Many Mighty Morsels of Majestic Metamorphosis: a Magnificent Metaphor, Mostly

memoriesI was just reflecting on the changing tone of OMVTW. It’s origins were grounded almost entirely in philosophical and spiritual concepts as they relate to politics. I don’t remember the last time I posted something political. What would I write? I feel zero motivation to write about political issues. The thought of it seems empty, void, meaningless. This makes sense, though, when I look over the metamorphosis of my writings.

It appears as though I journeyed through some progression from a rambling pseudo-intellectual, fascinated with logic and rationality as they relate to spiritual concepts, to more of a…spiritual idealist? No, there’s something more accurate…

Ah, back to the metamorphosis metaphor.

1) Caterpillar: My previous state of being: identify concept I don’t agree with, reduce it, rip it apart, explain.
2) Cocoon: withdraw from writing/reading, work, work, work, life, etc.
3) Butterfly: Thinking of all I’ve been blessed with, all I’ve come through, and what’s to come. Begin writing with a much more poetic, artistic bent.

I see, from the way I just had to work through the above process, I still operate based upon some of the same core engines from the genesis of OMVTW. The out-workings, however, have changed. The filter between myself and other has been replaced. Where once was an aggressive, defensive wall, now hangs a semi-permeable cloth. Where I used to walk on stones and branches, has been replaced with a bed of moss.

I no longer want to refine concepts and constructs in an attempt to build an impermeable castle.

I want to sow seeds which, when watered, bloom into majestic trees of life.

But I am still grounded. I know where I am and what surrounds me. I am still impeded upon by a harsh environment. I must recognize, accept, and deal with this appropriately. The truth should be reflected in what I do. Light shines in the darkness, and it is most beautiful when in comparison.

To be lifted, one must have been low. To be enlightened, one must have been cloaked.

What greater purpose in life than to lift the low?
To lift the low, must I not be lifted first?
To be lifted, must I not first accept the higher hand?

Everything worth having is a gift.


Thoughts? Feelings?

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