Pure Religion

by Christian Thomas Golden

I find it very regrettable that Christianity has become nearly synonymous with hate. God hates fags. God hates war. God hates blacks. God hates money. God hates the rich. God hates the homeless.

All lies. Not just lies, all blasphemous.

What’s the last thing you heard about Christianity via social/popular media? What appears to be the character of various “popular” Christian leaders?

Just this morning (not even five minutes before writing this) I read an article titled something like “Christians declare Ebola a punishment from God.”

The world isn’t looking for a God who kills. The world is looking for love, purpose, meaning, strength, courage, and victory.

As Christians, we are here to be conduits of the love of God. Our God has called us to love and forgive. Let’s focus on sharing with the world, the love God has given us. Darkness is expelled by the presence of light. Let’s be a light in a dark place, not just another bruise on the face of Christianity.