Teaching to Learn

I am fortunate to now be in a position where I teach for a living. From my point of view, I get to learn for a living. I get to learn more intimately what I’ve already begun to learn. I get to learn how other people learn. I get to relearn what I’ve forgotten. I get to learn what I thought I already learned, but apparently did not. I get to learn how I teach, and how I might improve my teaching style. I get to learn how others teach.

For me, this is about as satisfying as a “job” can get. I live in my head most of the time. I come up with what very briefly appear to be world-changing revelations, only to watch them deflate upon a moment’s thought. Immediately resentful, I try and reconcile that failed concept somehow. I am my own worst enemy.

I also lack focus when left to myself (as evident by the many half-read books and half-empty journals scattered about in my apartment).

Teaching as a profession has funneled my thinking process into necessarily more purposeful ways with utility. Previously, my love for thinking was left unappreciated. I had only myself to blame. I never focused on any one concept long enough to bring it to fruition in any way that would provide utility to the outside world.

Now, not only are my thoughts appreciated – THEY ARE REWARDED!

A good friend of mine turned me on to MBTI a few years back. He suggested that I might be an INTP (which I’m certain I am). I share many of the desires and frustrations of “typical” INTP people (see above).

I thought I’d be annoyed by the constraints applied in the teaching atmosphere, but whatever annoyance I do experience is offset entirely by the way in which the atmosphere encourages, refines, and rewards my employment of thought.


Thoughts? Feelings?

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