Silence & Simplicity

Silence and simplicity, to me, seem to be strongly correlated. If you were to draw a graph, x being silence and y being simplicity, I imagine you’d end up drawing a steady incline (think of a square with a straight line inside from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner).

In other words, as simplicity increases, so does silence. I nearly also wrote “as silence increases, so does simplicity”, but I don’t think that that necessarily follows (I could see how silence could be present even where simplicity is not).

I’m fairly certain, however, that silence must follow simplicity.

Let me clarify what I mean by silence. I don’t simply mean auditory silence. I mean the absence of noise. What’s more, silence in this sense can exist in the midst of loud auditory sounds.

For instance, I might enjoy utter silence in the presence of the greatest waterfall, crackling thunder, whipping wind, and so on. Likewise, I might experience tremendous noise by myself in an otherwise silent room. My thoughts and feelings can provide enough noise to drown out the shouts of a countless multitude.

Now that I’ve thought about and expressed what I really think of when I think of simplicity, I think I can state that simplicity also follows silence. In other words, as silence (in this sense) increases, so must simplicity.

What do I mean by simplicity?

Simplicity to me is the lack of the extraneous. The lesser the presence of the unnecessary, the closer to simplicity.

Note the similarity between simplicity and silence as I define them. Silence is the lack of noise, where simplicity is the lack of extraneousness. Isn’t the lack of extraneousness really just a form of lack of noise? I think it is.

No wonder I see such a strong correlation between the two. I think, by the way that I look at them, they’re actually one in the same. By saying simplicity and silence are strongly correlated…is really no different than if I had said, “As I get taller, my height will increase.”

I guess I can delete this post.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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