Let me offend/scare you until you agree with me (let’s save the world)

Stop it. Shut up. Slow down. Think for just a moment before you share that ridiculous meme. Why are you so inclined to click that button? By all means, post what you will. Don’t listen to me. Don’t even read this. Do what you will (you will, anyways – which is the point).

“Share this if you love Jesus”, “Share if you support Donald Trump”, “Share if you don’t care if this offends people [insert image of American flag]”, “Share if you believe love trumps hate”, “Share if you think a woman should have the right”, “Share if…”

I always HATED bumper stickers. Always. What’s the point? It’s like walking around with your middle finger sticking out at everyone while you smile. Worse: it’s like wearing a t-shirt that says, “I have two hands!” or “I can see you with my eyes!” or “My favorite color is blue!”

I just don’t see the point. Would you walk around saying these things out loud? If so, why? If not, then why are you pretending to be mute by posting your thoughts “out-loud” where everyone can “hear” them?

What is the point? Are you just trying to upset someone? Are you just trying to show that you belong to some group? Wow, that’s great. You’re awesome. Let’s be friends. Or, oh no, I don’t agree with you. I must be one of the other people who post the other memes. It’s really just us two: meme people A and meme people B. Diversity. Love. Strength. Wining. War. Good guy. Evil. French toast.

Then again, why do I care? If it bothers me, why don’t I just deactivate my social media accounts? Why don’t I just keep scrolling until I don’t see the meme anymore? Why am I writing this?

What do I expect to accomplish?

I’m not really sure. It just happens to bug the hell out of me today. Most days it doesn’t bug me this much. I’m not even having a bad day. I’m having a pretty good day, actually. But when I see those memes, I want to muster up some ancient wizardry to literally reach into the internet and – with my bare hands – literally rip out the meme and shred it to bits (pun absolutely intended).

Well, seeing that in my mind made me feel better.

I’m sorry. Carry on.

Thoughts? Feelings?

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