OTG, SHTF, EDC, and My Love/Hate Relationship with Acronyms

  • OTG: Off The Grid
  • SHTF: Sh*t Hit The Fan
  • EDC: Every Day Carry.

While researching survival topics online, I’ve frequently come across those acronyms.

I have a love/hate relationship with acronyms. I appreciate their brevity. They are concise and potent. I’m typically attracted to efficiency. However, I strongly prefer that people write out the full term at least once before using the acronym. Most of the articles I found used acronyms exclusively when referring to the above three concepts. Articles often started off with something like

“When planning to transition to an OTG lifestyle, or even prepping for a SHTF scenario, it is important to figure out what should go in your EDC bag.”

Imagine reading that sentence without every having seen “Off the Grid”, “Sh*t Hit the Fan”, or “Every Day Carry” represented in acronym form.

Then, the remainder of such articles continue to make use of the acronyms without ever expanding them to their full form.

It would’ve taken very little time if that sentence instead read something like

“When planning to transition to an off-the-grid (OTG) lifestyle, or even prepping for a shit-hit-the-fan (SHTF) scenario, it is important to figure out what should go in your every-day-carry (EDC) bag.”

Then, feel free to use the acronyms from that point forward. Failing to do so alienates confused readers.

This isn’t just a problem with articles. I think we’re all guilty of failing to explain things adequately in many situations. I know there have been times when I’ve tried to explain something to someone and failed to recognize that I’d been using terminology that they wouldn’t be familiar with if they lack the frame of reference. Sometimes this is inevitable without adequate time, but I’m sure most of us could do at least a little better to explain in more generally understandable terms the topic at hand. Avoiding use of acronyms, or at least explaining an acronym up from, goes a long way in making communications more understandable by a wider audience.

Rant over.

OTG: Off-The-Grid. To live OTG is to live with less dependence on luxuries most of us take for granted (electricity, municipal plumbing, highways, and the like). Becoming as self-sufficient / self-reliant as possible.

SHTF: Sh*t-Hit-The-Fan. Zombie apocalypse. World War III. All the anti-anarchist fears come true and people somehow immediately forget about civilized life and simply revert to violence “just because”. How do you survive? Read/study/practice any of the myriad SHTF guides out there.

EDC: Every-Day-Carry. Either you’ve chosen to go OTG, or the SHTF. Hopefully, you’ve got an EDC packed with the necessary tools and materials to get you off to a good start. From what I’ve seen, your EDC bag should have stuff like knives, rope, a compass, a flashlight, and some other stuff the EDC, SHTF, and OTG guys would mention.

ty for reading. tldr: plz expln ur acrnms b4 usng. 🙂

Thoughts? Feelings?

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