The State of Individuals

What is the state? When we say that the state takes our taxes with force, what exactly is it that is doing the taking (and exerting the force)?

Let’s say I refuse to pay taxes. At some point, some officer of the state will come to take me away and lock me up in a cage somewhere. Some other officer who works at the prison will watch over me. Some other officer will look over him, and someone over him, and so on.

What if the highest officer chose not to look over his subordinate? What if the subordinate over his subordinate? What if the officer who arrested me, chose not to arrest me? What if the auditor chose not to report his findings of my failure to pay taxes?

The state is nothing more than a collection of individuals uniting to some extent to accomplish some common goal (the control of other individuals). If the individuals who compose the state were to choose not to contribute to that common goal, then the state would no longer have that functionality.

Is the State inevitable? If given a clean slate, left to purely voluntary associations, will individuals naturally gravitate toward forming states? If so, does that then mean that advocating for pure voluntaryism is meaningless or too impractical for consideration?

If I know that I will die some day (which I will), does that mean that I should give no merit to maintaining my physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual wellness? In fact, if perfection is not attainable in any regard, is there any point in struggling toward it? If not, why do anything?

If you’re reading this, then you’ve chosen to live…despite the imperfection that awaits. Maybe we can approach our socio-political landscape likewise. Just because perfection is not likely to occur (and if it does, it’s not likely to last), doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be striven for. This doesn’t mean you have to, but maybe I should consider voluntarily choosing to.


  1. When someone says the state is a necessary evil then they’re saying that evil is necessary.

    We need men with guns to use violence and extort us to keep us safe from men with guns who will use violence and extort us. Hahaha
    Statism is cognitive dissonance to the T.

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  2. very good post here, There is this one video “Authority = Slavery” definitely check that video out. It makes one of the best arguments I ever heard of. I made a very good reiteration of it on my blog called “right and wrong, freedom and slavery”


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